Aims & Principles
Dedicated to the unification of Spiritualists
Our aims are: Unification of all people having a spiritualist belief and furtherance of the spiritualist cause. The promotion of quality mediumship, philosophy and pastoral care through ministry. Opportunity for self progression with high standards for personal behaviours and way of life. High standards of qualification for associates who can qualify for membership through mediumship or by broadly accepting our understanding. Our belief is not just a religion, it is a way of life. Ordination of ministers. Clerical attire is optional. Our principles are: Belief in the continuation of life after physical death and in communion with the spirits of the departed. Acceptance that individuals are personally responsible for their own actions and spiritual progression. Belief in and reverence for an almighty being regarded as creating or governing the universe. Pastoral care through ministry to match the individuals needs even if this is not aligned with the ministers’ views or opinions. Confidentiality of information between associates and their clients.