Dedicated to the unification of Spiritualists
UK Healers - For excellence in Spiritual Healing ‘We want the public to know they can visit healers with confidence’ United Spiritual Healers collaborates with the following organisations that form UK Healers. Last updated January 2024. The following healing organisations are associated with UK Healers and have been accredited as meeting the UK Healers’ Standards. The standards include conduct, training and development, disciplinary arrangements and the handling of any complaints. Bi-Aura Foundation College of Healing College of Psychic Studies Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary Holistic Energy Association Kent International Healers National Healers Association Northumbria Healers Open Pathway Retreat Centre Surrey Healing Association The Healing Academy The Healing Trust United Spiritual Healers White Eagle Lodge Shamanic Healers Circle Other healing organisations will be very welcome to become involved. For more information, visit the UK Healers web site at: