Membership Options
Associate Membership: We welcome people who wish to join as Associate Members. By joining United Spiritualists as an associate you will be supporting us and providing your mandate to us to lobby for unity within Spiritualism. No qualifications are necessary and you may continue with membership of other organisations. Mediums: You may join as a medium if you have qualified as a Certificated Medium with another reputable organisation. Proof of qualification will be necessary. For those mediums who have never formally qualified, it may still be possible to join subject to satisfactory references being provided. Please ask for further details. Trainee Mediums: Those who are not already mediums may join as a Trainee Medium via a United Spiritualist Circle Leader. Ministers: If you are already an Ordained Minister and wish to join, you will need to provide evidence of your ordination and will be required to pass an interview. Ministry training is available for potential Ministers Churches or Centres: May affiliate to United Spiritualists. Details of affiliated Churches/ Centres can be recorded on our web site. Absent Healing books are available. Healers and Trainee Healers: Please see the web site for United Spiritual Healers.
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